Appealing Beard

According to most ladies, the beard happens to be one of the factors that attract them to men who have it. For reasons best known to them, ladies feel secure when they are with a man whose beard is well-trimmed and in good shape. Unbeknownst to most men, the beard reveals so much about their personalities and lifestyles. For instance, it is perceived by many that a man with a well-trimmed beard is well-behaved and a perfect gentleman.

The men we see on TV flaunting their attractive and manly facial hair have put so much work and effort into them. They just don’t wake up one morning and stroke their beard whose strands look and seem to be in place. Because we have our men’s backs, we shall go step by step into every detail they need for their beard to look more appealing.

How to make your beard more appealing

It is possible for the beard to retain its attractive and appealing look through the effort you put in as a man. It may feel tedious waking up to the same routine every morning, but the results will sweep you off your feet. Once you adapt a particular routine that you swear by, you need to be consistent and disciplined even when the going gets tough.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with the best products for your beard. The best products are those that make your beard always look moisturized rather than dry up. Moisture is the foremost ingredient that your beard needs for it to thrive.


Your beard can be more appealing through the kind of diet you choose to stick to. For it to look attractive, you have to look into your diet and select only the healthiest content. Take protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables, for instance. These are foods that can aid in the proper and healthy growth of your beard.

Avoid using products whose formulations and ingredients are not too familiar to you. This could lead to a disastrous appearance that would prompt you to shave it completely and grow it all over again.

Beard care

You can start off by watching what you eat. Make it a habit to include more protein in your diet as it aids in the steady and healthy growth of your beard. Also, you should include fresh fruit and vegetables for its stronger formation and growth over time.

Never forget to include shampoo when washing it. Shampoo has a myriad of benefits attached to it such as the healthy appearance of your beard. All the other products for your beard should contain only natural ingredients which will nurture its growth and development.


Have it trimmed more often by a professional barber, as trimming helps in the consequent growth of beard. Trimming is one way to avoid many split ends on your beard.

It’s time for you to invest in a quality conditioner that will see to the hygienic state of your beard. As you leave the house for your workstation, your beard is susceptible to germs and dust. A good conditioner will see to the thorough cleaning of the beard and leave it free from germs and other harmful organisms.